Best Car Insurance Companies of 2022 in India

Choosing a best car insurance company in india is too important for you if you do not want to enjoy facilities and Protect your car and yourself from rush situations. Here on Pkvehicles you can thousands of Car Insurance companies and detailed information about each company.

The list given below contains top cheap and best car insurance companies in India.

Cheapest and Best Car Insurance Companies in India

If you are searching for best car insurance company in India, then here is the list of best and most famous companies which are trustable in India and you can decide the future of your Car with them. Each and every company has its own terms & conditions along with benefits. If you have read the instruction above then there will be no problem for you while choosing one of these.

CompanyCashless GaragesPlan typeStarting from (Price)
New India Assurance3000Comprehensive₹ 2,727
National Insurance3100Comprehensive₹ 2,757
Bajaj Allianz4000Comprehensive₹ 2,868
DIGITRepair AnywhereComprehensive₹ 2,962
Oriental Insurance3100Comprehensive₹ 3,005
DIGITRepair AnywhereThird Party₹ 2,094
Bajaj Allianz4000Third Party₹ 2,094
Oriental Insurance3100Third Party₹ 2,094
National Insurance3100Third Party₹ 2,094
New India Assurance3000Third Party₹ 2,094
Updated in August 2022

Why you should choose Car Insurance in India?

World is never going to stop for you, It’s crucial to get ready for the unwelcome or harmful situations. But it’s not always to possible to overcome the harmful situation. There are some situations which could be totally out of your control and you could found yourself in trouble.

That’s the point where car insurance policy is going to help you to save you Car’s future.  In accidental situations you can save your pocket from all expenses if you already have shaken hands with a good Car Insurance Company.

Some people thinks and suggests that Car Insurance is unessential and it’s waste of money. But just wait for a second and think about it what if you got in an accidental of any other unwanted situation (I wish you may not). If you are a middle class person who’s living a normal in you ₹60,000 salary, then it could be difficult to pay the damage charges and overcome the situation.

How to Choose Best Car Insurance Company in India?

Insurance companies invest billions of ₹ promote their business. But for that business they always try their best to provide as much benefits as they can. But unfortunately in country like India, some local and unregistered Insurance companies try their best to manipulate your mind and force you invest your money with them.

That’s why it’s too important to do your best research before choosing an Insurance Company for your Car. To help you with that research we’ve mentioned some key points which are very important if you are planning to get insurance.

  • Appraise (Understand) Needs: It’s too important to identify your needs before you choose insurance for your car. A long with premium add-ons you have to consider the things which you want to be secured if you get caught in unwanted situation. You have do the detailed study of all given insurance options one by one and choose the one you need.
  • Consider legality on Top: It’s too important to check the “IRDA Registration Number” of company which you thinks will be good for you. After understanding your needs it’s important to check if this company is registered or not. There are 80% chances that if you’ll choose unregistered company, you can lose your money and hops in insurance.
  • Check Financial Ability: If you have checked the legality of company then is also too important to go through annual financial records of that Insurance Company. Chosen company should be able to financially strong so they may able to pay you the claim amount in times of need. The finance and solvency should be maintained with good record.
  • Consider Third-Party Liability: We always recommend you to follow traffic rules are drive safe. Do not drink while driving or before driving your Car, otherwise you can cause of trouble for yourself or some else’s too.  Well accidents happens and things goes sideways. Third-Party Liability is an extra benefit in Car Insurance. If you hit someone and become the reason of his/her death or break something then insured party will pay your depts. It’s too important to consider Third-Party Liability before signing Car Insurance.
  • Double Check Add-on Covers: If you want to choose best Car Insurance Company in India then it’s also too important to double check the Add-on Covers. Some of the most signed Add-on covers are Engine Protection Cover, Dent Repairing Cover, and Zero Dep Cover etc.
  • Check Claim Ratios: Now it’s time to check CSR and ICR before to move further. CSR is total percentage of claims promised by Insurance Company and ICR is total percentage to amount used by company as compared to total amount you are giving them. If company has higher CSR and ICR history, then there are very less chances for you in your claim rejection.
  • Claim Settlement Time: It’s too important to consider the high CSR and ICR time. Because if you company has higher CSR and ICR time then there are 99% chances that they’ll pay you the claim amount as soon as possible.
  • Number of Garages: If you get ill, thenit could be very painful if you do not have hospital near your residence. Same as the case with Garages for Car’s, let’s suppose you are a resident of Mumbai and the company Garage is in Lucknow then definitely you are in problem (It’s just an Example). So, it’s too important to check the network of Garages build by Insurance Company, and these garages should be cashless.
  • Personal Accidental Cover: Consider your Personal Accidental Cover before choosing Insurance Company. They should be able to pay you if you get caught in Accident and any this happens to you (Death – Disabilities).
  • Customer Service: Customer Support is one of the most important option which every Insurance Company should provide in India. If you are visiting a registered company then you must check and confirm that if they are providing 24/7 customer service or not. That’s important because bad time never tells anyone that I’m on you, it just come and things goes messed up, you should be able to contact them any time you needed.
  • Do Comparisons: Internet has made everything easy for you. Now can get any information on you device by just typing your questions. You should do some online research about insurance companies and check reviews about those companies. You should also check the services they have mentioned online promoting them and which service could be better for you.

Points to Consider While Selecting Car Insurance Policy

There are some key points which are also important to consider before choosing any Insurance Company in India. Don’t every underestimate or ignore these points because if you’ll do so then you may can face problems.

  • What is covered in Car Insurance?
    In third-party insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance policy check what is included and what’s not one by one. We’ll recommend to double check and try to memories and think about it carefully. You do not have enough money are your source of earning is normal 12 hours job then you should only buy Third-Party Insurance Plan.
  • Online Research
    Grab your laptop or mobile phone do some research about all mentioned companies.
  • Add-on Covers
    Double check add-on cover and choose those which are suitable and affordable for you.